6 Tips to Prepare for your Portrait Session

February 15, 2017 Artona 0 Comments

Your portrait session is booked and you’re getting ready. It’s going to be one of those memories that will last a lifetime. One to look back and smile on as you recall the events leading up to this momentous occasion.

So what should you wear? How should you prepare? Here are some tips we’ve gathered over the years (since 1909!)

1. Dress Code
You are graduating. This is probably one of the first formal achievements in your life so far. You should, therefore, dress accordingly. We recommend your best formal wear for the occasion. Since your session will include both headshots and full-length shots, coordinating your attire from head-to-toe is a good idea.

2. Colours and Patterns
Dark colours work best – consider blacks, dark blues, greens, reds and other jewel-tones. We also recommend you stick with solid patterns. Prints and graphics may not turn out as well when it comes to portraits and might distract from the main event--you!

3. Necklines
V-neck or scoopneck tops always work best for those with shorter necks. The little extra skin at the top helps to elongate everything for the camera.  Ultimately, wear what you're comfortable in.  

4. Hair
We recommend no sudden hair changes before your photo shoot. If you need a trim, ensure you are only trimming a small amount. It’s important you are happy with your hair style before your session since we can’t really change it.

For shorter hairstyles, a haircut one week before your photo session makes for ideal hair. Make sure all the straggly hair is in place. Don’t be afraid to use a little product to tame those manes.

Facial Hair

If you are going for a clean-cut look, we suggest you shave a couple of hours before your session. We cannot retouch a five o’clock shadow, so consider this when getting ready. We also suggest you give yourself a good face wash in order to remove excess oils from your skin that might reflect the light during your session.

5. Makeup and Nails
We recommend using your regular makeup. This is not the day to experiment with new brands and/or colours. The less amount of surprises, the better! Make sure you touch up all of your blemishes. The more natural you look IRL, the more this will be reflected in your photographs. Don’t forget to trim, clean, or do your nails: a timeless or classic colour is best.

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Of course, if you have any further questions about how to prepare, you can always send us an email at social@artona.com or call us at (604) 872- 7272.  We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. We want this to be a memorable day for you!