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February 15, 2017 Artona 1 Comments

Family portraits can be a great way to capture memories over the years as children grow up and families expand. We’ve all seen the typical family portrait where everyone is wearing their Sunday best. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but if you're willing to switch it up, we’ve got some fun ideas for you to consider. Below is a collection of some of the most popular themes we have come across for family portraits, plus some creative ideas of our own.

Be monochromatic
You can’t go wrong with having everyone dress in all white or all black. It makes a statement every time and brings the focus in on the family. Monochromatic themes are very elegant and clean. They can make any portrait feel more modern. Try experimenting with different colours, keeping in mind where you’ll be displaying the portrait. For example, if your home has red accents why not have outfits in different shades of red? The portrait will complement your home and stand out all at the same time. A spin on the traditional monochromatic portrait.

Traditionally you might dress “nice” for these portraits, but why not amp it up? Ditch the Sunday best and pull out the glam. Go for a black-tie theme complete with evening dresses and tuxedoes. Or you could get really glamorous and do a Great Gatsby theme. This will definitely catch the attention of visitors in your home and it’ll be you at your very best. It’s fun but still formal.

Keep it casual
You could go the polar opposite and really dress it down. We like this theme, as jeans and a white tee can have so many different variations. It gives family members the opportunity to still make their outfit their own while still having a cohesive look for the images. The casual jeans and tee can make for a very genuine and fun portrait.

Flip the switch on holidays
Holiday portraits tend to be very structured with formal attire. We recommend going for a cozy winter theme instead. You can tie the monochromatic idea into this and go with a mix of white and beige and/or off-white sweaters to make for an elegant holiday card. If you want to get crazy you can try an ugly sweater theme. It’s different and it’ll keep you and your family laughing throughout the holiday season.

View our look book online to peruse through other family portraits to get ideas for your own session. We encourage you to take a leap and try something new but we’ve still got you covered if you want to keep it traditional!

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