What to Wear for Grad Photos

November 14, 2017 Kristal 2 Comments

We get a lot of questions about what to wear for Grad photos, so we’ve put together this list of suggestions and outfit ideas to get you inspired. Please know that no matter what you choose to wear, you and your academic achievements are what matters. You’ve worked really hard for this moment and you should be proud of it. That’s what Grad photos are intended to capture. Buying an “Artona Dress” might be an option for some, but it’s not a necessity. Your outfit doesn’t have to be trendy or brand new just wear something that reflects who you are.

That being said, since Graduation is such an important milestone, it is a good idea to dress up a bit. It really is up to you how fancy you want to be, but keep in mind that this is a formal occasion.

For your individual session, don't worry about bringing the cap and gown we have you covered. The only thing to keep in mind is the V neckline. Wearing a collared shirt or a high neckline will show when wearing the gown. If you don't want anything to show, you can wear a V neck shirt.

The Casual photos are much more personal. This is where you get to show off your style and any props you might bring along. We’ve put together some common looks to give you some ideas:

Classic Black
Lots of students choose to wear black and for plenty of good reasons. It’s a timeless, classic look that won’t date your photos in the years to come. It also really makes you stand out in the White Room!

Suit Up or Suit Down
Suits are great for formal occasions but that doesn’t mean you have to wear a full three-piece to your Grad photos (but if you do, you’ll be extra sharp). If you don’t have a suit, dress pants and a crisp shirt will do perfectly.

If you want to keep your outfit simple, add a pop of interest with accessories. This could be a statement jewelry piece, a hot pair of shoes, a bright bow tie or maybe a bold mani. But even with these, your best accessories are going to be your smile and confidence.

Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Patterns or Colour
Even though we say dark colours are a good choice, that doesn’t mean you can’t go colourful. If colour is your thing, go for it! Your photos will shine as bright as you are.

Congratulations graduate! Smart looks really good on you — it really doesn’t matter what you wear.