Artona in the Community: Scholarships, Bursaries and Mentorships

March 27, 2018 Kristal 0 Comments

Did you know that Artona offers scholarships and bursaries to students across the lower mainland? Each year, Artona provides thousands of dollars in awards to deserving students, helping them achieve their academic goals. Over the past year, Artona has given over $150,000 in support to 85 local elementary schools and high schools, as well as a number of universities. 

In addition to these awards, Artona also offers a co-op mentorship program. Both high school and university students interested in photography, digital imaging, graphics and accounting/finance work closely with our staff and are given first-hand experience, training, and even future employment opportunities. We usually have a new face in the studio every other week with about 35 students every school year.

We get a lot of great feedback from our award recipients and co-op students. In fact, we need a 10-foot bulletin board to display all the wonderful messages! Here's a look at some of the messages we have received over the years:

Have you applied for an Artona scholarship or bursary this year? You can find the application deadlines for these awards on your school's website. Good luck to those who applied — we are looking forward to seeing you at the awards ceremony!